Abarobotics has been invited as a speaker at Google Indonesia office

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JAKARTA, ABAROBOTICS - On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, Google Indonesia Office located in SCBD Pacific Century Place South Jakarta hosted the Digital Transformation Seminar for Hospital Ecosystem in Indonesia organized by PT EBconnection Indonesia (EBconnect). The event aimed to discuss the challenges in utilizing technology to improve hospital services in Indonesia. Participants were attended by representatives of Hospital Directors and Management from various regions in Indonesia.  

One of the speakers invited to this event was Mr. Abdul Barr as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Abarobotics, a company engaged in automation and has expertise in various fields such as deep learning, computer vision, micro-controller, compatibilities, digital DNA (QR code, NFC, RFID) and sensors. The company is able to provide innovative and integrated technology solutions for various industries, including healthcare. In addition to being a technology consultant, Abarobotics manufactures technology solutions tailored to client needs and provides maintenance services to ensure optimal technology performance. As such, the company can provide integrated and sustainable end-to-end solutions for clients, including integrated asset management solutions such as PAMS for hospitals.

In the seminar, Abarobotics presented how digital technology can help Hospital management to be faster, measurable, and valid in managing assets such as medical equipment, support equipment, linen etc. PAMS (Ports Asset Management System), one of Abarobotics' products can provide solutions to Hospital management to track assets, implement preventive and scheduled maintenance strategies, monitor asset performance, provide real-time reporting, and provide feedback to improve asset management decision making in the palm of a hand.  

With PAMS in addition to medical devices and supports, Hospitals can also overcome various problems related to linen. Such as missing linen, difficulty separating infectious and non-infectious linen, manual counting, sorting and tracking of linen. PAMS can automate linen counting, conduct inventory, provide asset condition dashboard, track asset location, and provide real-time reporting of linen assets.  

Overall, the seminar demonstrated the importance of digital transformation in the healthcare industry and how it can help Hospitals improve their services and provide better healthcare to patients. Abarobotics' innovative solutions such as PAMS, can help hospitals in Indonesia to manage their assets more efficiently and effectively. 

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