Abarobotics was selected in the 10 best startups by PLN

user_img Maulana Hanif Ghifari | 02 Januari 2023 | 1077


SEMARANG, ABAROBOTICS.COM - Abarobotics is included in the 10 best startups in the PLN Elevation: Watts Up! Which was held by PT. PLN Ltd. The program is the result of a collaboration between PLN, Lestari, and Pares to develop startups focused on innovation to move Indonesia forward. PLN Elevation Program: Watts Up! launched in September 2022, more than 300 startups have registered and have completed a series of selection processes.

This program is carried out through several stages. In the first stage, more than 300 startups were selected, after which 20 startup finalists emerged who would be re-selected. After going through the final selection process, PLN and Lestari chose the 10 best startups which would be given funding of IDR 1.45 billion and coaching by professional mentors for 3 months starting in December 2022 to develop their business.

"The ideas and solutions that are present are extraordinary. The existing ideas also help PLN better read the direction of innovation and the consequences of changes that will occur in the future," said PLN Main Director Darmawan Prasodjo, in a press statement, Friday, October 21, 2022.

The innovations offered by each of these startups were showcased at the 2022 National Electricity Day (HLN) event which was held on October 27, 2022, in Jakarta. This event was also the start of the inauguration of the PLN Elevation: Watts Up! event.

"Following the vision of this program, the selected startups can accelerate the adoption of futuristic innovations through a sandboxing process with the support of PLN and Lestari," said Cynthia, Director of Lestari.

Abarobotics together with 10 other startups namely Abarobotics, Amiss, Astrobike, Automa, Bosrindo, Energi, Circa, Cityplan, Katalis, Leastric, and MyECO will provide several solutions from each startup that focus on Asset and Resource Innovation, Green Energy Ecosystem and Electric Ecosystems.

During this event, each startup will receive assistance and the opportunity to test the innovations offered through sandboxing activities. This step is PLN's breakthrough in aligning the company's needs with the innovations offered by each startup for Indonesia's development.

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