Protection and Monitoring

After the product is launched, it will be very helpful if we can do monitoring to get data about how our customers find, share, and use our product. So that the evaluation of the course of the marketing campaign can use more accurate data. As a bonus, we can also increase our Protection Efforts against product counterfeiting by providing Digital DNA & Image Recognition Technology to these products!.


What Can We Get By Incorporating Digital DNA and Image Recognition Technology In Our Products?


1. Anti-Counterfeit Detection

Counterfeiting affects business in many ways. This can damage our overall Business brand and reputation. The danger is again, this can also endanger the safety of our customers. By protecting them, we also ensure that our trademarks, patents, copyrights, as well as creativity in our products, are properly respected.


2. Product Search Data to Increase Customer Engagement

The biggest reason companies collect data on their customers, is to help them get a much better understanding of how their customers behave online, define their exact demographics, and identify ways they can improve their overall marketing strategy. right? Come on, put Digital DNA and image recognition on our products!.


3. Issuance of Serial Numbers for Conducting Marketing Campaigns

There are many ways to use image recognition like QR Codes in products besides simply driving customers to a website, or getting them to download an app. A digital DNA or image recognition (Image Recognition) can help us carry out marketing campaign strategies. For example by offering door prizes or additional discounts for the next product. As a bonus, you can collect all the customer data you need.


Digital DNA Types Connected with the PORTS application:

  1. RFID: Unique, physical, secure
  2. Barr Code: Cheap, Standard, General
  3. NFC: Physical, Mobile, Fast
  4. QR Code: Affordable, Recognizable, Fast