The Problems with Poor Maintenance Management


  1. Unexpected Breakdown when you want to complete a work urgently but suddenly machines stop working due.
  2. Downtime, an interruption into daily activities and operations, which impacts overall productivity.
  3. Fail to calculate budget allocation of Maintenance Expenses.
  4. Non-formalized Maintenance. When the same machine is brought back for maintenance for the same reason again and again, it consume more time in productivity.
  5. Not prepared for Audit. It makes organization’s reputation suffers.


What you'll get with "PAMS"


1. Asset Information Detailed

    Data of Asset will be recorded and able to track the changes in real time.

2. Works Schedule Management Organized

    Create a schedule for maintenance working depend on location, date, resource and get notified by system when its on.

3. Log Activity Report

    All activity of user will be recorded in secured cloud server and can be monitored by management real time.

4. Access Control Management

    Choose whenever the Asset can be used and whoever can use it.

5. Purchase and Inventory Tracking

    Do the Purchase Request instantly when Asset needs to have replacement item and approval will asked to management by system.

6. Decision Support

    Provide a graphical data information which helps management to make a decision based on history of activity.