What is ASTA?


ASTA is an excavator automation product that will equip a conventional excavator with sensors and actuators so that it can be controlled and monitored remotely (telemetry) and can move automatically (automation).


Problems in Current Conventional Excavator


Existing excavators often have to be used in areas that pose a risk to humans such as in steep river bank valleys or near collapsed buildings. Some of the tasks that are done (such as picking up and moving sand) need to be done repeatedly over a long period of time so that it is quite tiring.


Our Solution


We offer a product called ASTA. The existence of ASTA will enable humans to continue to operate excavators remotely from a distance. For cases where the tasks to be carried out are quite simple (such as picking up and moving sand), there is also an automatic mode so that the work can be completely left to the excavator without human intervention.