You found a problem in an event?


At seminars, congresses, and similar events, problems often arise in the management of their activities, especially the seating arrangement and accommodation (hotels). Below are some problems that may occur at seminars, congresses, and other events:

  1. Registration is still manual;
  2. There was a buildup of participants, so the participants were uncomfortable;
  3. Ticketing and attendance are still manual;
  4. Uncontrolled Access Control;
  5. The division of accommodation (hotels) has not been effective and efficient;
  6. Participant monitoring cannot be done quickly;
  7. Participant data collected is not real-time;
  8. Often the above problems are repeated (evaluation has not been running)
  9. Reporting is still done manually.


Our Solution


We ABAROBOTICS offer an event management solution with integration in each event session. PortS Event Management System (PEMS) is a system that solves the problem of an event that is still being done manually. With PEMS, event management including seating arrangements and hotel arrangements can be carried out quickly and automatically, so as not to cause a buildup of participants in the room, the difficulty for participants to find seats and hotels, etc. The features contained in PEMS are as follows:

  1. Fast participant registration feature using QR Code;
  2. Participant features access to the event area because it is already integrated with the system;
  3. The participant feature accesses the schedule of activities followed during the event;
  4. Participant features find room and sitting position;
  5. The participant feature finds the location and hotel room number;
  6. Report feature for organizers or event organizers;
  7. Dashboard for the committee to monitor the event both when it takes place and one week after the event takes place;
  8. Satisfaction survey feature for participants to evaluate the progress of the event.